Sunday, December 6, 2009

Adler Barbour


Next time you are on the boat, can you get me the model number of the Adler Barbour?

That thing bothers me inasmuch as the fan will continually run due to the way we had to bypass the circuit-switch to get it to run.

If I can't find a circuit board, then I suppose I will have to send it in for repairs or replace it altogether.  Too bad because it was the single piece of new equipment on the boat when I got it. :(

Don't forget you were going to wire it to the "WashDown Pump" switch and route the Blower to a toggle switch up by the ignition!

Thanks again.  Say "Hi" to Deb for me.


Wednesday, November 11, 2009


This is the Raymarine ST70 as installed by Grant Ball. Nicely done!

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Autopilot - custom mount for the quadrant

Although this looks like it came as a part of the autopilot, Grant Ball fabricated this piece.
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Autopilot bracket Grant made

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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Our Inverter Blows Up!

Unbelievably, after only two months of operation, our Xantrex Prosine 3000 inverter blew up! Again! I just called and got ANOTHER RMA# to return it. They say it could take up to four weeks to get it fixed up.

Grant Ball, who re-did all the wiring on the entire boat, installed the inverter and did a bang up job. He is a true expert in these things and I can't think of anything he could have done better - or different - to have prevented this issue.

The only thing remotely possible that could be wrong with the overall boat wiring is that we are running off of two shore ties and it is possible although nor probable, that there was an unbalanced neutral current resulting from being out of phase between one of the circuits.

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Friday, August 7, 2009

A Moment of Clarity - Punch List Items Remaining


Here is a list of remaining items I would like you to complete:

Add Fuel Sending Unit to Tank
Add Fuel Guage to Key Panel
Add Overflow tank to Radiator on Engine
Hatch for Engine Room Door
Put Bungee Cord on Shelves in Engine Room
Two Fwd Cleats
Two Mid-Ship Cleats
Weld Stern Pulpits
Tighten Life Lines
Mount Generator in a Case
Carpet in V-berth area and also in hallway, nav station and under stove.
Change blulb on Windlass Switch
Bulb on Compass
DC Fan in Galley
DC Fan in V-Berth
DC Fan above AC outlet  next to where I sat and used laptop
Fix leaks on aft stbd chain plate
Replace sandpaper on floor steps (in bag @ nav station)
Mount Rack Shelves in the Engine Room
Put on Jib Rollers
Possibly design a better nav station that has more storage. Deeper drawer, etc. - objective here is to be able to stow charts and to have a workspace large enough to open chart book and plot courses.
Do five portholes.
Do bottom paint on dingy
Patch all small holes around hull so no leaks to the inside. In particular, we noted leaks where the radar cables came into the aft cabin head and also at the mast and somewhere in the engine room at the binnacle.  I think you said there was a leaking water hose near the water pressure pump as well.
Install Auto Pilot
Once life lines are tightened, order some nice rope from Lewis and hang four new fenders (now in aft cabin)

Here is the list of items I am giving Bart:
0) Add a 2x4 or other support under access panel at galley table. This broke today.
1) Finish floor
Add trim (an escutcheon) around mast
2) Patch Fwd Cabin Head Door Foot
3) Fix doors so they latch
4) Add a fiddle to the engine room compartment platform. Please use the two pieces I have provided, separated by a 1/2" or so for drainage. They are on the galley table.
5) Add one shelf to aft cabin closet about 10" below the top shelf
6) Add two shelves to closet aft of that closet. as marked with a sharpie. Objective here is to be able to put the silver case on the first shelf.
7) In aft cabin closet, segment it so that 9 1/2" of the aft portion of that compartment may be used for hanging clothes. Cut short the existing dowel to fit in this space. The remaining section should have one shelf measured equidistant from the top and bottom (ie in the middle).  This part should not have a hanging rod. Objective is to use this ection to stow two bags.  Please don't secure this shelf as it may need to be removed. 

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Finally! An Autopilot!

In my opinion, an autopilot is the most important piece of equipment, next to an EPIRB, to have on a sailboat. To some it may be considered to be a "comfort item," but to me it's a requirement.

I have fantasized for years about getting something like the Norvane self-steering Windvane as it is my opinion that a servo-pendulum (that is, a non-electronic) system is the most fail safe way to go.

However, to install one I would have to give up having a swim ladder in the back of the boat and would have to be very careful dragging a dingy so I finally convinced myself that an electronic autopilot was the best choice.

Unfortunately, when you get into boat as big as Clarity (at 22,000 lbs), you can't just go the easy way and buy a wheel pilot like the Autohelm 4000 (now called a SmartPilot X-5) which work nicely for boats with displacement up to 16,500 lbs.

Therefore, effectively the only choice I had was to go with a hydraulic steering device. I settled on the ST70 SmartPilot X-10 Linear Drive System for Sailboats by Raymarine that I ordered today.

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